There is neither a starting point, or an ending point.
Ideas have always existed, and they always will be.
Each invention, gives life to a future one.
Great ideas are living among us, we just have to pause, 
look, touch and transform them into the next invention.

This is the insight that has inspired the 2009 Pershing calendar "World Moving Ideas" and its celebration of the power of ideas. The calendar presents 12 universally known objects and shows how many of the things that surround us today exist on account of important inventions in the past. Every object includes a description of the original idea that led to its invention, plus, of course, a month of the year 2009.
Produced in a limited edition, the calendar has been sent to Pershing customers, prospects and opinion leaders.

This limited edition calendar creatively demonstrates the brand’s central commitment to innovation, which is also expressed by the company’s new pay-off, "Moving Idea".
It showcases twelve quotations by noted figures, drawn from both scientific and political spheres, which shortsightedly dismissed inventions and ideas which ultimately led to fundamental advances in the history of humanity. The calendar’s images contrast with the pessimism of the forecasts, celebrating the beauty of ideas, the courage of the innovators, and faith in the power of the human mind.
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