A unique e-commerce aiming to bring to the world Made in Italy excellence through offering pieces
of true artistic and artisanal excellence, virtual tours in the artisans workshops and a web magazine
that recall the culture their up to spread. 
The challenge was to create an image for a product which is both commercial and artisanal,
international that brings the local. The name Efesti comes from mythology: Hephaestus, Efesto,
smith of the ancient Greek and Roman gods, renowned for the beauty and perfection of his works. 
The 2D geometric logo remindes a crafted gem, modular and precious is ready to sparkle over
us while surfing through Efesti world. Together with the graphic elements and colours palette – the brand
image becomes technological and craft, classic and contemporary. 
The main background Nude color is an uncommon choise that not only raprasents our working body
and hands but is also easy to look at in each visit and navigation.
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